Congratulations to Ron Miriello, Dii Advisory Board member and head of Miriello Grafico, for launching 50 of 100 World Sculptures at Jett Gallery in Little Italy.

Think string theory and eleven parallel universes that scientists are tuning in to.

Envision avatars the way James Cameron’s 2009 movie of the same name entices audiences everywhere to leap off of cliffs in a fantastical virtual world we experienced behind 3-D glasses.

Now check out Ron’s world, multiplied 100 times, starting with an incredible labor intensive 50 sculptures created in large part from re-purposed materials. Pick your earthly delight by visiting and feed back your favorite encounter here.

Drew Barrymore launched her career befriending another worldly extra-terrestrial with her enduring words, “ET phone home” You too can text our homepage blog your encounter!

Digital Wall

Some cities embrace cow sculptures, others hearts like San Francisco.

San Diego is now home to many worlds!

Thank you, Ron, for inspiring us and designing these exciting New World views.

Ron Miriello, second from the right.