Inspiring speech at Madison Square Garden on May 14, 2015.

Here are highlights and starting points that I think you’ll find interesting in this uTube video:

10:00 – immeasurables, the most important things in life.

11:10 – What we do as artist is to search, look and recognize.

13:00 – You set your own standard of excellence.

18:30 – Don’t take jobs that are available. Create other (new) ones!

19:40 – Democracy was destroyed by money – profit vs. value.

21:19 – Depression is your blessing. Honor these moments!

22:20 – Wealthy are fucking up the universe!

23:40 – Be a human water treatment plant. Inhale the poison, transform it and offer it back.

25:00 – Now comes the hard part.

25:48 – The seven Buddhist factors of enlightenment:

1. Mindfulness
2. Investigation – ask good questions
3. Keep your energy up
4. Keep your joy
5. Find your ease
6. Concentrate
7. Equanimity – give thanks for those who hate you